Monday, October 4, 2010

party at the patch

so, this is me delivering on my promise to show you the awesome time the girls in my church had at the corn maze last week.  just remember that all i have is an iphone and a desire to be a better photographer instead of the real thing.  bear with me, people.  we can't all be ansel adams...yet.

the "fearless leaders..." we gotta have fun too, right?

the whole gang in the proverbial serious and goofy poses

makena, annie, and chelsea

definitely couldn't leave the haystack without an action shot.  thank you, savannah and chelsea

enjoying the fruits of our labors so to speak.  caramel corn and good ol h2o.  plus, sariah makes a great model.
there you have it...good times had by all.  thanks to all the girls and jenny and monique--for making this such a fab time (i thought i'd channel my english heritage for a second).  go fall!!

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AmyLee said...

gotta love being in young women's! we're carving pumpkins this week :) woohoo!