Thursday, June 3, 2010


 I won't go into details...but just suffice it to say that about a month and a half ago, luke FINALLY received one of these:
and one of these:

and maybe one of these:

feel free to sing his praises.  i know i am, along with the men that so dutifully take care of our garbage recollection once a week (namely my husband and those other guys)...yay luke!!

i just thought i'd throw this picture in for good measure.  yes, that is sofi's first haircut and yes, she is absolutely thrilled about it. 


Larissa said...

Is that your mom cutting her hair? She looks really happy about the whole thing!

McCain Family said...

That's a great picture of Sofi. She's so cute!

Yay for Luke!!!

Heidi Dyk said...

Woohoo, Luke! I'm sure you are both so happy to have reached this milestone!