Saturday, February 20, 2010


so, i guess when i said i was coming and that i was going to write once a week--i really meant that i wouldn't write until 3 weeks later.  apparently blogger has even changed their format in my absence.  oh goodness, one of these days i will be held accountable to myself somehow.  as of right now, though, i'm completely overwhelmed with teething, crying, snot, potty training and the endlessless thereof, the ever-pressing question of where i will be in 6 months, why i can't seem to write anything unless its 4 in the morning when i really don't feel like being anywhere but a bed...etc...

are you sure you wanted to know what i've been up to? 

in reality, my situation is no where near as bad as those in say, haiti, but i guess that's the main reason that i haven't updated in a while.  i've been bummed and worried and traveling to exotic places like grants pass, or and nampa, id--all things that i didn't qualify as big news.  i haven't wanted to complain in light of all the yuckiness that is going on elsewhere in the world.  i really am blessed and i am aware of my blessings...i've just been lost inside my own pity party.  why do we throw those for ourselves anyway?  who wants a pity party?  the truth is, i don't and i don't want to invite any of you either.  there, that's my excuse for being absent--told in a long, really drawn out, frustrating sort of way.

in other and much happier news...sofi turned 1!  and i actually did document it.  which reminds me of another reason i'm having trouble being consistent.  i'm annoyed with my lack of photography skills.  i'm planning on taking a class this summer, but for now i feel like my pictures look dumb so i don't take many...yes, it is as juvenile as it sounds.  i'll give myself a good talking to later i promise.  in the meantime.  here's a glance into the festivities of a girl that loves food more than life and isn't afraid to ruin a perfectly good cake.  gotta love her.
i'm having technical difficulties with the video of her in the actual devouring stage, but i'll figure it out and trust me, its worth the wait. thanks for listening and i'll be back sooner than later.  i mean, the sun is out in the middle of february and this happens on a nightly basis.  what is there to sulk about?  answer:  potty training. 


Kristi said...

Potty training is the worst! Now that Tori is 22 months old, I keep thinking that it's about time to start on that little adventure. But I hate it so much that I'll probably wait until she has to say "Mom, I hate diapers, please teach me how to do this!" But you know what? You don't have to do something spectacular to write about it! As someone who reads a lot of blogs, I can honestly say that there's a lot of unimportant things being written about. :-)

What the Hecklinger?! said...

I can't believe she is one already! And I am taking a photography class right now and love it--so get on it! But in the meantime, just take photos--that's how you get better anyway and we just want to see your cute kidlets--artsy or no!

Rob and Shannon LaFontaine said...

Can you believe our girls are 1?! Well, I guess technically Avery isn't 1 yet, but she's only got just a little over a month to go. Thanks for the pics! What a cute family you have! :)

Heidi Dyk said...

I have a good amateur photography book I should lend you. I think taking a photography class sounds like a lot of fun too! Hope those kids of yours feel better soon so we can hang out. Miss you! :)

McCain Family said...

I love you T! I can't believe your little tyke is 1 already. Time sure does fly when you're having fun potty tra.....oh wait.
:) just kidding!

You are cute.