Thursday, April 2, 2009

the joys of nursing and other luke nonsense

note to my male readers or those who just don't want to hear a story about breastfeeding: this is not actually about nursing, its just about what happens when one must nurse even though they have a two year old loose in a large house alone.

i need to begin by making you aware that my dear son is obsessed with giving bones to my dad's beloved dog, rocky. happened on a tuesday. i was sitting on the couch, giving sustenance to my newborn child. i knew luke was in the kitchen and i was getting more and more nervous as he was getting quieter and quieter. every once in a while i could hear, "doggy, bone...doggy, bone..." and the sound of the lid being taken on and off the container that houses said puppy treats. i'm sure you can all see where this ends, and i was fearful of the same so i detached the child, made the sojourn into the kitchen, called out to my mischevious little son and found him coming toward me bone in hand...well half of the bone:
no harm done, right? just a little fiber. well luckily, none of the doggy treat actually made its way down his esophagous. mom put a kabash to that before he had the chance to even think about swallowing. he spit out the half-consumed bone into the garbage and went about on his way enjoying what boys should spend their doing--playing with toys in the bathtub...which just happens to lead me to the next part of my story.

not only is the bathtub luke's play place of choice (full of water or not), it is also the scene of many a mother's pulling hair out, wondering why she had kids in the first place, moment. as i am still aclimatizing myself to knowing how to care for two individuals instead of just one, luke has a tendency to be left in the bathtub for a few moments at a time while i am running around changing diapers and finding binkies. a couple such moments happened today while i was putting the wee one to sleep. i hear the pitter patter of not so little feet wafting down from the upstairs bathroom and adjacent bedroom. i try not to imagine the worse (little did i know what the worse was) as i couldn't get myself away in order to mend the situation. when i finally make it up the stairs, i find that my oldest has made it back to the tub with the toy keyboard...which has now become one of those awesome toys that when played makes the most annoying sound in the world, close to lloyd christmas' rendition in dumb and dumber. that's not all, however. apparently he was lonely because this had also accompanied him into the tub.

for those of you that know, this is luke's version of a "lovey." i don't even want to know what the consequences of that action. yikes

finally, we are currently in the throes of potty training/big boy bed and oh what joy both of those feats have brought into our peaceful abode. i haven't really taken the potty training by the horns quite yet and don't worry, i'm not going to submit you to a play by play, but the following story does involve a certain bodily fluid so if you want to check out, go right ahead. the other day, as i put luke in the tub, he so politely let me know that he need to use the facilities (not in so many words, but you get the idea). so, i pulled him and he officially "went potty" for the first time. i was so excited because i, of course, thought that meant that my child is a genius and all those horror stories i've heard in the past would not be applying to me. fast forward to the end of bathtime. he finishes up and we walk into his room to acquire his outfit of the day when i turn around just in time for him to say potty and proceed to relieve himself on the floor. wow, is it some kind of record to be potty trained for the amount of time it takes to bathe? thanks for bringing me back to earth, luke. you're so aware of all my needs.


adam said...

Wow. When you said "joys" you really meant it.

What the Hecklinger?! said...

NICE doggy bone. That is something you don't see everyday. See? Just never have things like that in the house and you only have to worry about random fruit being ingested--complete with peel.

...Maybe with ketchup on top.

jen said...

Love the pic of luke with the dog bone. Priceless. I'm glad you had time to get that shot before taking the bone out of his mouth. Good luck with Potty training. I guess the lovey got washed one more time huh. love ya bud.

The Dyk Family said...

Wow! Potty training already! That is great! Way to go, Luke!

McCain Family said...

Love these stories! I have been thinking lately about what it will be like to try and nurse while a little girl is running around freely and it scares me, so thank you for making me laugh and see the funny side of things! :)

Courtney Shelby said...

Oh Luke! Always entertaining. I remember when i was little, I thought I had to ask permission to use the potty. So, one time I couldn't find my parents...I was calling out and calling out...
Finally, I couldn't hold it anymore. I'm sure you can finish the story. NEwayzz... it might help Luke. Might not.
It's crazy I remember that.