Wednesday, February 25, 2009

corn dog without the corn, please

i was going to title this post "the other white meat...luke's new love affair with bacon and hot dogs." then, i realized that hot dogs aren't pork products after all. i know that i've seen the signs that say all beef franks many times before, but i just haven't been able to shake the notion that hot dogs are sausage and sausage is pork...yeah, not so much i know. anywho, so newborn-affected brain and all--i remembered what i wanted to share with all of you. luke is at that ever-exciting age of wanting to do everything by himself, eating sporaticly at sporatic times, and just today refusing to wear a certain shirt...what's up with that anyway? does he already realize that his mother has no fashion sense? oh, i forgot rotating between finding nemo, aristocats, and cars on a daily (minutely if that's possible) basis. i must admit, though, i am trying to relish this (all be it excruciating) phase because i know within a matter of minutes he's going to be off to school and want nothing to do with his blogging-obsessed mother.

okay, onto the the task at hand...luke loves corn dogs--without the corn. you'd think that at this obnoxious phase, a two-year old would want nothing more than to only injest the absolute worst thing for him aka candy, sugar cereal, and the fried outer crust of a corn dog. not when it comes to this kid. well, the first two options, yes; he would take any form of candy over any form of pork whether it be the bacon or beef variety, but the fried corn goodness, he wants nothing to do with. its actually a pretty funny process he goes through when eating a corn dog. he first waits for it to cool off by blowing on it as only 2 year olds can do...not really blow. then, he takes a tiny bite of the outer shell only to discover that the "meat" as he calls it is waiting patiently on the inside. he stares at the the small hole he's created trying with all his might to rid himself of the fried barrier between him and his anticipated meal without actually having to digest it himself. finally, when i can't take anymore of the staring and frowning, i take the dog from the poor guy and begin tearing off what most people would refer to as the good stuff. could kids be any awesomer? as for the bacon fetish, he'll eat that pretty much any time of day. i like to take credit for that one. that's actually not a good thing, but its just so darn tasty. bacon makes anything better if you ask me...or luke :)


Leslierush said...

Hey my sisters web site is
I think she's pretty awesome and fun. As far as advice for potty other sister said to stick Aiden on the pot like 2 or 3 times a day for a few minutes and wether anything came out of not give him a little treat for "trying". And then we also put a toy he really really wanted on the fridge where he couldn't get it but he could see it. And when he finally pooped (cus pooping is the hard part), he got the toy. Then if he has 2 accidents in a row we put the toy back on the fridge. but we haven't ever had to yet so yay!!! Good Luck!

adam said...

What's up with Luke? I love CDs! Especially with ketchup. mmm.

As for bacon, have you had it at Frank's? mmm.

I don't know about bacon up close though... looks kinda strange.

Kathleen said...

Laughing about the corn dogs. I can just see him trying to peel that thing - And bacon - who doesn't love bacon. Remember sliding around the kitchen at Cub River on the bacon grease after breakfast????
Kudos for keeping us all in touch while adjust to the new little person in your house. Love her name, btw.

McCain Family said...

Oh Tara, this is really funny. And because of this post, I really want a corn dog. I haven't had one in so long and it sounds delicious!
I'm proud of Luke for not wanting "the good stuff". But man, is he missing out! :)
Love ya!

We are the Zitzmans said...

mmmm...bacon. Something we share in common my friend...doesn't most things taste better with that beloved piece of pork invovled. love kids and how they eat!

love ya man!

jen said...

I disagree with Adam, bacon up close looks beautiful! Love the story about Luke, I think I have to see it in action now. love ya

Ashley and Aaron said...

Mmmm, corndogs. Maybe it wasn't so smart for a pregnant gal such as myself to read this post...I may have to change my meal plan tonight. Oh wait, I don't have a meal plan. What the heck are we going to eat for dinner tonight? Whelp, corn dogs it is :)

Kristi said...

my kids are the same way! I've started just putting a hot dog on a skewer and calling it good. Tyler has started eating entire packages of lunch meat. He just sits down and eats it! I asked him one time if he wanted a sandwich for lunch and he said, "yes, a turkey sandwich... without the bread." yeah, that's basically just a stack of meat. Whatever, buddy, carbs are the enemy after all.

Dave Dyk said...

So, I gotta ask... does Luke like just plain hot dogs? If so, it seems like a lot less work (not to mention cheaper), but I realize it is a tough job to appease a 2 year old, so really it is just a suggestion. I've got a crazy one at home myself and definitely in the throes of doing things all by himself (i think it's going to last awhile for our boys too). Good luck with that cutie! You sound like you won't need it though as you are definitely having fun and that's most important. :)