Tuesday, October 21, 2008

happy birthday luke

here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for...the documentation of luke's amazing 2nd birthday. now, don't be surprised if you experience feelings of utter jelousy brought on by the explosion of creative amazingness. um...or just have a good laugh because i sure did. so, we were in utah for 3 weeks and before i knew it, we were on our way home the day before luke's birthday leaving no time for the creative juices to flow (as if there were any or something). anyway, we get home, head to toys r us and purchase the tricycle that luke has desired ever since he was a wee babe. we invited over a few friends, one who happened to be an 18 month that we have been known to babysit every once in a while...the others were all a tad bit older than the little guy, meaning they were our age because we haven't been around long enough for luke to actually make any little buddies of his own. sorry little buddy--anyway, i put the soup in the crock pot and the cake in the oven. everything was going pretty well until the cake came out and subsequently fell apart, leaving poor pooh's head detatched from his body.

luckily, i have a cake-maker extraordiaire for a friend in pullman so she saved the day this last weekend by making a halloween style concoction that not only stayed together, but looked awesome and tasted even better. thanks again pal. the night was saved by the unveiling of the tricycle and train acquired that day from the store.

2 down, many more to go (aka more chances for me to succeed with a memorable party that might actually make sense).
ps all the pictures have made it into the safe confines of the computer's hard drive, so exciting installments all about new york and the yearly trek to the pumpkin patch are coming soon.


McCain Family said...

yea for birthday parties! I'm sorry about the decapitation of Winnie the Pooh, but I'm glad it all worked out for you guys.

Mindy and Benjamin said...

Well, all that really matters is how dang cute and happy Luke looks in that picture on the trike. You did great!

We are the Zitzmans said...

How cute is he on his bike. I am pretty sure there wasn't a happier kid! So you name thief are you just banking on the fact that I will never have a girl :), OR I guess we could assume that Spencer would veto it anyway! Just don't be shocked if in my pregnancy delirium, well and the delrium on the off chance of having a girl that I still use it. Never two cuter Noras.

AmyLee said...

Hahaha, the decapitation of Winnie the Pooh made me laugh. I think you did a great job with what time you had! I woulda probably given my kid a bowl of fruit loops, thrown a candle in it, and called it good. Maybe that's why I need to wait a little longer before having kids?

To answer your questions: yeah, we had to put Dominoe down a couple months ago. I posted about it and it was pretty sad. I haven't gotten around to taking his picture off the blog yet though... is that pathetic??

And yeah, we were on the Columbia. I posted an update regarding the nudist. It's all very disturbing!

Ok, sorry for writing so much!! Love your blog... you have such a cute little family!!