Tuesday, June 10, 2008

poor little dude...

so the weather here in the lovely "lilac city" has been less than cooperative for little boys that desire to frolic away their boundless (and when i say boundless i mean utterly endless) energy outside of the confining walls that make up the apartment. Lucky for this little guy, we dug up his rainboots so he can at least walk to and from the car when we absolutely have to brave the elements. As you can see from the picture though, now all he wants to do is wear the boots, even if its just one at a time, and look longingly out the living room window at the world going on without him. the scene is almost enough to make a mother cry, but almost being the key word because instead, i just look at him, laugh a little to myself, and take advantage of poor kid's trauma by snapping a picture of him. sorry luke, i wish i could make it stop raining...i really thought i did by leaving the west side of the state. i guess we'll just appreciate the sun when it does come out, right? yeah, how do you explain that to a one and a half year old again?

no, my son does not represent the lollipop guild. i know you're all thinking it :)

no, he didn't just smell something foul, this is his new pose for the camera. apparently its a smile...in a forced, mom you've made me smile way too many times this past year kinda way.


Jonah, Dave and Heidi said...

He is too cute! Love those boots! I wish it would stop raining too, Luke! Thanks for the update and photos. :)

McCain Family said...

That comment about the lollipop guild made me laugh out loud. What a funny kid you have!