Monday, March 31, 2008

my little double-fister/exhibitionist

i know tha title says "double-fister/exhibitionist" and then all that follows are pictures of my son exhibiting his tendancies to remove his clothes if given the opportunity (aka something loose enough to get out of). the double-fisting will follow soon. luke rather enjoys not just one, but two sippy cups, preferably with different beverages in each. its pretty hilarious.


We are the Zitzmans said...

um so cute, and I just wanted to say, um I love ya!

Andrea & da boyz said...

So it's true--our boys ARE related! I don't know if you've seen the entry on my blog about my little Naked Nudie, as we affectionately call him, but it must be in the genes. :)

Jonah, Dave and Heidi said...

Super cute! But now I want to see the 'double-fisting' pictures!